Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long Distance Cravings

It's been a rough week. The kind where I barely remember what I did much less what I ate. It's not the idea situation for me, moving through each day frantically finishing each task as efficiently as I can, eliminating distractions and breaking to eat meals on auto-pilot in order to get back to work as fast as possible.  

But its over now, or rather, its over for now and I finally have some time to sit and reflect on the few great meals I had this week. 

I started this week with wicked pizza craving (thanks to an episode of Man Vs Food) so when Wes, Dan and I ended up at Babymoon Cafe I jumped at the chance to try their Chicago style Deep Dish pizza.  Before I go into detail about the perfection of their pizza, a few words about Babymoon in general.  It's a humble-looking no frills Italian place with a small staff and a very visible kitchen.  They were packed when we arrived, so we sat outside in their very charming heated patio. Which was, despite the chilly wind, the perfect temperature. 

And not for the food, the simplicity of the decor only highlights the caliber of dishes on the menu. From sophisticated pasta to grilled sandwiches, everything looked good Were it not for my craving I probably would have been more adventurous in my ordering and gone for a spicy pasta dish.

Which brings us back to pizza. The problem with a food craving is if its not satisfied, it grows. And the only thing worse that trying to ignore a food craving is trying to subdue it with an imitation. So, when I started dreaming about deep dish pizza while living in North Carolina I figured I would have to start learning to cook it on my own. 

Then came Babymoon.  

The last time I has pizza this good was when a dear friend send us some actual made in Chicago pizza packed in dry ice.  Babymoon's version was a cheesy, spicy delight. It was everything I wanted. The only problem was by the time I had stuffed myself with salad, a couple of stuffed mushrooms and a couple slices of pizza, trying out their desert selections wasn't an option. 

Oh well, guess that means I'll have to go back for seconds.

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