Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A different take.


Perhaps a little explanation is necessary. I started this blog to talk about things I care about and found out there are really only two subjects I'm actually qualified to discuss - horror and food. 

I could go on at great length about horror movies, books, webisodes and the like, but the problem with that is I tend to love them all and that doesn't make for a very interesting review, does it? Now, food and restaurants, that's a different story.  

I am not a foodie. I'm not really interested in the origin of the food or how expensive or rare it is. What I care about is how food and the environment I eat it in makes me feel. I'm looking for that instinctive reaction that was so wonderfully portrayed in Ratatouille when Ego takes that first bite of Remy's ratatouille and flashes back to a vivid comforting childhood memory. I am in search of the foods that give me that powerful a reaction good or bad. 

So today I began my search for those foods with a Turkish place we had never gone before. "We" for the purposes of this discussion is Myself, my husband Dan and our friend Wes. 

And now the review:

Bosphorus in Cary is a pretty pleasant place to eat. It's small and cozy with big posters of Turkey on the walls. The menu is a good size with plenty of sandwiches and platters so just about everyone can find something they like.  Right off the bat the most interesting thing about the place was the waiter. He discouraged us from ordering an appetizer, saying it was too big and we didn't need it. Okay. Sure.  No appetizers for us. 

I ordered a lamb pita, Dan got a mixed grill plate and Wes got gyro meat on bulgar rice.  The lamb was good, spicy but still recognizable as lamb and the bread was fantastic. Covered in sesame seeds it had a crispy crust and such a great feel to it.  Dan and Wes has nothing but good things to say about their food, although Wes did say that he was expecting a sandwich instead of just meat on rice. He said it tasted good, but would have been better with the bread. Of course I can't think of anything that wouldn't have been better on the bread. 

The other really impressive part of the meal was the hot tea they kept serving us.  It showed up in tiny glasses on beautiful saucers and smelled like hot tea. Strong and comforting, it made the whole meal seem less like coworkers on their lunch hour and more like friends meeting for a relaxing weekend lunch.  

So while the food was good the tea was the big experience of the day. Maybe it was the tiny tea spoons, maybe it was the saucers or maybe it was as simple as a perfectly brewed cup of tea with some of my favorite people. I'll need to experiment more before I can draw any conclusions there. 


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