Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Ordering

It's getting harder to find great places to write about. I've been out a couple of times this past week, once to a rather standard mexican place, nothing really worth writing about there, although is someone out there does know about a mexican place worth talking about please let me know. Then on Friday night I went with Rich, Melinda and Dan to  the Edwards Mill Bar and Grill for some tasty, if not exactly world-shattering, bar food.  

Although the rib-eye sandwich I ordered was delicious and huge, I was much more interested in my friends selections, Rich ordered chicken parmesan, Melinda ordered the chicken tenders and Dan got sweet and sour pork.  The interesting thing about the dishes was the difference in size. Compared to Rich and Melinda's chicken and my enormous sandwich Dan's sweet and sour pork plate was tiny.  He liked the dish, but I could tell that there was a bit of dismay at the appetizer-like size.  My meal was big enough to share so no one went hungry but it got me thinking. Every other dish we saw in the restaurant had overly generous portions, but it was all bar food, was the size of the dish relative to the comfort of the chef cooking it? After all it was a bit of an anomaly compared to the burgers, wings and fried goodies. 

I love to see a cook take risks, and I think it's great that the menu at a place like the Edwards Mill grill could expand and grow, but I'm always going to order bar food at a bar.  Limiting maybe, but it is a good way to make sure I'm getting the best meal possible. 


Anonymous said...

If the rest of the menu was burgers and fries, could the sweet an sour pork have been a frozen portion? :-)

Apexual said...

hey thats the place where we go after Art Museum film screenings with the NCSU film students.

as far as Mexican: take a jackson and see how much damge you can do at Taco Bell :-P

M said...

I don't think it was frozen at this place, but i have had some obviously previously frozen dinners. YUCK!!

DAN JOLLEY said...