Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tasu Asian Bistro

Lately I've been feeling a bit bored of Asian restaurants. It's not the quality of the food, the places we go are all excellent. It's the sameness of it all. Same rolls, same decor, it all starts to blend together after a bit.  So, when Melinda and Rich wanted to go to Tasu, a brand new Asian bistro in Briar Creek, I was less than thrilled. 

Walking in the lobby  I was afraid that my worst fears were confirmed. The decor screamed cliche' and bar we waited in was poorly run to say the least. But it was their first month of operation and there were a few wrinkles.  

Once we were seated and I had a chance to peruse the menu I was thrilled to see some things I hadn't seen on the menu. I ordered my old standby - chirashi with a pickled plum roll. The chirashi did not disappoint. It was loaded with huge slices of salmon and white tuna, shrimp, crab, clam and other fish I've forgotten about.  The highlight however was the two slices of omelette tucked into the side of the dish.   

The picked plum roll was an unexpected delight. The combination of  sweet cucumber paired with sour plum was so fantastic and refreshing.  I was hooked after the first bite.  

Just from a culinary perspective there's  lot to like about Tasu.  The rolls are interesting, with some great flavor combinations and the rest of the menu looks really solid.  But what made the night special was the newness of it all. The awkwardness of the staff only improved the experience and it felt like we were figuring it out together. 

I encourage you to go to Tasu before they become they well-oiled perfectly run restaurant they are destined to be. Enjoy the growing pains knowing that all too soon the human touch will be replaced by the ever churning restaurant machine. 


Anonymous said...

LOL, I think I've been to Babymoon before on a trip down that way, the logo on their web site looks very familiar!

Mmm, sushi... I'm going out for Sushi tonight... Probably a strange choice in the UK, but Sushi bars are my favorite place to dine alone :-)

M said...

Enjoy your sushi!